Lahannya Portrait

Frontwoman and rock siren Lahannya started her musical career as a solo artist with the release of her self-produced debut EP “Drowning”, drawing comparisons to the likes of Throwing Muses and Cocteau Twins. She soon became a sought-after guest vocalist, appearing on releases by Soman, Combichrist, Greenhaus and more recently ASP to name but a few.

In 2005 Lahannya began her collaboration with Lutz Demmler who gained notoriety for being the composer, producer and bassist of controversial German act Umbra et Imago. After producing Lahannya’s debut album “Shotgun Reality” Lutz was promptly assimilated into the live line-up, which was completed with the addition of Chris Milden on guitar and the glamorous Belle Star on drums. Known for taking matters into their own hands, the Anglo-German foursome got themselves their own 7.5t sleeper tour bus and have been touring relentlessly ever since.

In spring 2008 Lahannya released their “Welcome To The Underground” EP, the prelude to the Dystopia album trilogy with its apocalyptic vision of a “Brave New Britain”:  A new regime has emerged after a series of riots and terror attacks and gradually converted the nation into a surveillance society par excellence. In London the underground tunnel network has been taken over by the rejects and renegades ostracised from civilisation. The plot follows the trials and tribulations of one such dissident who, plagued by feelings of guilt and anger for having inadvertently contributed to the rise of the new regime, finds herself the unwitting leader of a growing rebellion.

As the dark story unfolds the sound of Lahannya has been evolving in parallel, becoming increasingly harder and more aggressive. Part one of the trilogy carries the title “Defiance” and was released in 2009. While “Defiance” still retains traces of alternative rock and an overall gothic quality its 2011 sequel “Dystopia” is characterised by a much stronger metal and symphonic influence to mirror the drama unravelling in the lyrical content. “Dystopia” sadly marks the departure of drummer Belle and introduces the Italian Luca Mazzucconi as the new permanent fourth member of the band.

Lahannya the bandWork on the third and final instalment of the trilogy has already begun: „Dominion“ is scheduled for release in 2014 and will be the eighth release on Lahannya’s own label Kabuki. With her indomitable spirit and keen business acumen the ambitious frontwoman and self-made label boss has proved beyond doubt that musicians no longer have to be the helpless puppets of mercenary corporations but can take their success into their own hands. Despite the absence of major label backing, Lahannya is now a regular on the covers of the European gothic and rock press and has been winning over audiences on tours and at festivals across Europe.

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